Canadian rock icon Lee Aaron recently released his new album, Radio On !. She spoke with BraveWords about the recording and a snippet of the chat is available below

Courageous words: To those ears Radio on! has moments reminiscent of your Bodyrock record (from 1989). Not everything, but there is an atmosphere. There is definitely more grain than polish on Radio On! …

Lee: “It’s kinda reminiscent of that album. I think it reflects how we hit a groove as a band. Sean Kelly (guitars) has been in the band for almost eight years now, Dave Reimer (bass) has I am with me for 17 years and my husband (John Cody / drums) has been playing in my band for 20 years. We were still looking for that replacement for John Albani (guitars) because he was the man, so we ran into a few guitarists. and when Sean and I connected through his book Metal On Ice in 2014, he ended up replacing my guitarist at a show, and in the first song it was obvious to everyone … “Dude, you have to join the group. You’re the guy … ‘(laughs) I think we’ve hit a real groove as a unit. “

Watch for the full story coming this week with Lee Aaron and guitarist Sean Kelly.

Lee Aaron is back with a collection of 12 new originals that invite you to listen to the heartbeat from your personal radio dial and hear the best of what this rock ‘n’ roll legend has to offer.

Like the FM stations that once ruled the airwaves, Radio On! is full of classic and melodic rock hooks, nasty guitar riffs, great harmonies and inspired writing. Themes explored on the album include: Mortality (“Radio On”, “Twenty One”), Materialism (“Devil’s Gold”), Empowerment (“Vampin ‘”), Addiction (“Wasted”), love (“Cmon”, “Had Me At Hello”), and society (“Soul Breaker”, “Russian Doll”).

Lee Aaron delivers these messages with memorable, soaring melodies and his extraordinary, versatile voice that has remained powerful and consistent throughout his career.

Like your favorite radio DJ on the air on a hot summer night, Lee Aaron invites you to tune your dial for a true rock’n’roll listening experience… 12 songs of melodic rock at its BEST!

Radio on! track list:

“Let’s go”
“Mum don’t you remember”
“Radio on”
“Exploring Soho”
“The devil’s gold”
“Russian doll”
“Great Great Love”
“Have me say hello”
“Twenty one”


“Let’s go”


Lee Aaron – lead vocals
Sean Kelly – guitar
Dave Reimer – bass
John Cody – drums

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