DESTRUCTION leader Schmier says that the founding guitarist of the band Michael “Mike” Sifringer has “disconnected” from the rest of the group and does not appear on DESTRUCTIONThe new studio album has just finished.

Schmier address Sifringerthe status of with DESTRUCTION just a few weeks after the band performed without Mike to Zone 53 party in Leoben, Austria.

Asked in a new interview with Metal Pilgrim to clarify where Sifringer stands with regard to DESTRUCTION, Schmier said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I would also like to know myself. This is a very difficult question because he disconnected from the band a few months ago. It means that we went to the studio and recorded a new album, and he didn’t. ‘just didn’t come. We did. demo sessions, write new songs, and he didn’t come to write songs with us. After trying to cope with the problems, he disappeared and he’s kind of disconnected with us. There are certainly some deeper issues that I don’t know about yet. He’s still given a little time – until the 19th [of August], until we have the press release.

“We recorded a new album. We wrote new songs. And we will also have a special surprise on the 19th for the fans.

“Of course, we are not going to stop,” he continued. “Mike is a founding member, and he’s always been important to the band, but if he doesn’t want to do that anymore, I can’t help him. And I can’t look behind the curtain either. No one can be forced to do what you want to do.

“To me, it’s disappointing in a way. It’s also shocking. But I’ve been in this business for too long. I know these things can happen. I always told him we weren’t going to shut him down. door. It’s his decision. And we’ll see what happens.

“For me now, I have to survive”, Schmier added. “I have to keep the band alive. We had a really tough time keeping the band together, finding a new label too – we went from Nuclear explosion To Napalm discs also. We also had to finish the live album, even knowing that Mike could leave us after the exit. So it was not easy for us. But I try to focus now on the future of the group. And I’m happy that we have a great team around us. We have a great team in the group. And we’re all good friends. And what happens to Mike, it’s in his own hands, basically. So hopefully in two weeks we’ll have a press release with an announcement that shows exactly what it’s going to be for him, at least. Because the group will continue anyway.

“Some people said ‘DESTRUCTION is nothing without Mike Sifringer‘, which is understandable. But I am the group’s main songwriter. I wrote all the DESTRUCTION Songs. Mike wrote with me sometimes; a lot of things I wrote myself. Although I am not a guitarist, but I am the main songwriter of the band. Not all fans know this. But the group will continue nonetheless. And we’re not going to change our sound, we’re not going to change our style. I just hope the fans will give us a chance and see that we’re not here to die yet. “

Schmier went on to confirm that Mikethe apparent departure of DESTRUCTION did not happen overnight.

“Some fans have come to me and been like over the last few years, ‘What’s wrong with that? Mike? He looks in poor health, ”he said. “I tried to communicate this to him, [about] his lifestyle. It’s still a lifestyle.

“Some people like to live healthily, play sports, [stay] clean – no drugs, no alcohol, or at least have some sort of regulated life. And other people like… They don’t give a damn about the way they treat their bodies. And it’s pretty obvious, if you look Mikehealth in recent years, he did not want to change his lifestyle. Drinking and smoking and whatever happens, when you get older you have to change something.

“I’m not a big fan of THE ROLLING STONES, but I think the way they do it until they’re old… I have so much respect for that, ”he continued. “Because someday in your life you gotta cut all this shit.” You have to cut down on drugs, fucking alcohol, and hangovers every day, because you want to play for your fans at a high level. And this is only possible if you have some discipline.

“When we were 17 music was fun and was a hobby and it was great to party. We didn’t get sleep, we didn’t care because we could still play. But when you get older , you have to be on top of shit and you have to watch yourself.This is something that I had a different view than that Mike. And that’s all I can say about it.

“He’s his own person. He can do whatever he wants. And if he wants to live his life that way, that’s his decision.”

Sifringer is the only member of DESTRUCTION have remained constant throughout the career of the group. Schmier Appeared on DESTRUCTIONthe first three albums of before leaving the group and being replaced by FIGHTING SPIRIT singer André Grieder. Andréthe only recorded appearance of DESTRUCTION was on the “Cracked brain” album, released in 1990. Schmier joined DESTRUCTION in 1999.

DESTRUCTION will release a new Blu-ray and CD, “The live attack”, August 13 via Napalm discs. The 22-song release includes footage of the band’s nearly two-hour live concert from January 2021 at the legendary Z7 venue in Pratteln, Switzerland.

In May 2020, DESTRUCTION delivered a treat for fans stuck at home unable to attend the live shows: “Born To Thrash – Live In Germany“, the band’s first live album with the most line-ups, has been made available digitally on all streaming and download platforms.

DESTRUCTIONthe latest studio album by, “Born to perish”, was released in August 2019 via Nuclear explosion. The disc was recorded in January and February 2019 with Pulver VO (PRO-PAIN, Burning Witches, NERVOSA) To Little Creek Studios in Switzerland and is the first DESTRUCTION album to present Randy Black on drums and second guitarist Damir eskic.

Damir is a Swiss guitarist of Bosnian origin who works as a guitar teacher, himself being a former student of Tommy Vetterli (CORONER). He also plays in a heavy metal band called GOMORRE and has already contributed three solos to DESTRUCTION2016 album “Attack”.

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