Online credit form: length is worth precision

Most credit agencies that offer an online credit form offer their customers two options.

The first is a short version where only the essential information is collected. The second is a long version where all the information likely to be used to consolidate the client’s file is collected. Why did LMR opt for a more extensive version of its questionnaire?


Features of our online credit application

Features of our online credit application

It should be noted beforehand that sending a credit request to LMR does not imply any commitment on your part. Only your signature on your credit agreement can be translated as such.

We have chosen an intermediate configuration for our online credit form in order to save you time while preserving the effectiveness of the tool.

It has five pages, but you can ignore some. In this way, you save time and you can send us your request in a few minutes for study and treatment.

If necessary, we will contact you to request additional information to refine your file and make it as complete as possible. This step allows us to better defend your file with our partners and therefore, to offer you the privilege of benefiting from more attractive conditions.
If you have taken the time to carefully fill in all the fields on our form, we will have all the information you need to find the best credit offers. In addition, we can directly devote ourselves to the study of your file, which facilitate negotiation with our partner banks.

With this information, our brokers are also able to quickly verify if you meet our credit conditions.


How to complete the online credit application form?

online credit application form?

The filling of our online credit form is done in several steps. Each time, only the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

  • Phase 1 consists of succinctly defining your project. Its purpose, its cost and the reimbursement methods envisaged.
  • Phase 2 collects personal information about you and your spouse if you are married.
  • You then go to phase 3 where you are asked to provide your contact details.
  • Step 4 is collecting information about your professional situation.
  • Finally, the last step looks at your income and your financial data.

Once all these fields have been completed, you click on “Send” and we begin to process your file.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have difficulty filling out or sending the online credit application form.