The weekly Thursday Bands in Bordeaux has been a popular event, with bands like Joey Lenone’s Chop Shop (shown here) providing entertainment. Nathan Dean & the Damn Band are playing this week.

Marc Digues

Marc Digues

For the final Bands on Bordeaux event in July, the group has a rather unconventional name.

Nathan Dean, frontman of “Nathan Dean & the Damn Band” from Phoenix, explained that the name has its origins in alcohol. It actually started out as “Nathan Dean & No Quiet Hours” when they first hit the road in 2008, a reference to the “after parties” people have after the bar closed for. the night. When the band would go back to a town where they had played before, people would often say, “Oh no, this damn band is coming back to town. My liver is going to hurt, ”and the name finally stuck.

Dean, the only original member, started the band in 2005. Drummer Bill Bogan was with him the longest, at 13 years old. Other current members include guitarist Kody Rein and bassist Chris Duke.

The group has a lot of original material with four albums released, and Dean has described their style as more ’90s country, although they do go “a bit of everything” with covers in their 2.5 hour show.

Dean said he liked being able to change people’s moods and allow them to let loose through his band’s shows. “I also love watching people dance and have a good time, and being a part of it is always rewarding.”

Another hit for him is seeing people singing, especially to the band’s original music. Earlier this month they performed in Wyoming and Dean said a group of Asian tourists asked them to play one of their original songs. Thinking that the fan had just remembered the track when seeing it online, he was pleasantly surprised to see the band sing every word. “It was so cool.”

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